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The future development of energy, providing the world future needs of energy, now faces to greater calls. They include an increasing world population, requirements of higher standards of living, need for smaller quantity of pollution, need to prevent global warming, and the possible end to mineral fuel (see the theory of peak Hubbert). Without energy, world all would collapse industrialization of infrastructure; the agriculture, transportation, spends all for nothing assembly, information technology, communications and the most part of preconditions which the developed nation considers self-evident. Shortage of energy should sustain this infrastructure, could lead to accident Malthusian.

Almost all forms of terrestrial energy, type of mineral fuel, solar, a wind, the thermal ocean, and the hydroelectric power, can be tracked back to the energy received from reactions of an alloy of the sun. Unique exceptions - ebb-tide, nuclear, and geothermal authority. Ebb-tide energy arrives from gravitational potential energy of Terrestrial/lunar system. Geothermal energy as believe, is made first of all by radioactive disintegration in the Earth.

The most human energy sources today use energy from a sunlight, in the form of mineral fuel (coal, oil and gas). As soon as the kept forms are spent (not accepting any contribution from three previous energy sources and any energy from research of space) then, long-term use of energy of mankind is limited by it from a sunlight falling to the Earth. Consumption of full energy of mankind today is equivalent approximately to 0.1-0.01 percent from this. The covering only Desert Gobi with solar generation of authority would provide full current world use of energy.

The American consumption of energy by sectors: World production of energy by a source in 2004: Oil of 40 %, coal of 23.3 %, natural gas of 22.5 %, hydroelectric 7.0%, nuclear 6.5 %, a biomass and others of 0.7 %. In the USA, transportation made 28 % of all use of energy and 70 % of oil use in 2001; 97 % of fuel of transportation were oil.

Projects of the United Nations Organization which the world population stabilizes in 2075 in nine billions because of demographic transition. Factors of birth rate now fall in the majority of developing countries, and the population would decrease in the several developed nations if there was no immigration. With 1970, each 1 percent increase in a world product has gross led to increase at 0.64 percent of consumption of energy.

In geology, resources address for the sum of the certain substance which can be present at the deposit. This definition not restored stream of use or the future technology does not consider economic feasibility of operation or the fact, that resources, probably. Stocks make those resources which are restored using current technology. They can be returned economically under a current condition of the market. This definition considers current technology of a mining industry and economy of restoration, including a mining industry and transport charges, the governmental royalties and current market prices. Stocks decrease, when the prices are too low for a part of substance which will be economically returned, and increases when higher prices do more substances economically restored. Any of these terms does not consider energy demanded for operation (except for as it is reflected in economic expenses) or whether there is a pure benefit of energy or loss.

Manufacture of energy usually demands investments of energy: Training for oil or construction of power station of a wind demands energy. Resources of mineral fuel which leave, often more and more are difficult to take and transform. They can demand thus more and more higher investments of energy. If the investment has more than the made energy, a resource of a fossil any more an energy source. It means, that the most part of resources of mineral fuel and especially nonconventional cannot be used for manufacture of energy today. Such resources can still be maintained, is economical to make raw material for plastic, fertilizers or even fuel of transportation, but now more energy is consumed than made. (they then become similar to the usual stocks of a mining industry economically restored, but not to pure positive energy sources.) The new technology can raise quality of this problem if it can lower investments of the energy, demanded to take and transform resources though finally the basic physics establishes limits which cannot be exceeded.

Classification of energy sources in renewables and non-renewables not without problems: The geothermal authority and hydroelectric authority are classified as energy, but geothermal sites finally cool down, and hydroelectric dams gradually become filled by silt which can be very dear remove. Though can affirm, that while the certain site can be settled, a total sum of potential geothermal and hydroelectric authority not, and the new power station can sometimes be based on a various site. The nuclear power is not classified as, but the quantity of uranium in the seas can continue to be filled up at the rivers through erosion of underground resources while a remaining life of the Sun. Mineral fuel certainly, but fuel of hydrocarbon can be made in several ways as is described below.

Many of current or potential future numbers of manufacture of authority, data below do not subtract the energy consumed because of loss of energy from construction of means of service of authority and a distributive network, distribution of energy is direct, service, inevitable replacement of old means of service of manufacture of authority and a distributive network, reserve capacity of memory because of unstable production, and the energy demanded completely to change damage to an environment . Pure manufacture of authority, using the analysis of a cycle of a life is more correct, but more difficultly and has many new uncertain factors.

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